About us

photler is made by a team of passionate photographers and web professionals

What's Photler?

The essence

Nowadays people put a few pictures on social media sites and dump rest of them on hard drives. Results – we quickly forget about them. But now with Photler for a few dollars per month you can get your own, clean and professional website to present your best shots. You can easily customize your site, have a blog, promote your work and make money by selling photos.

Why the fuss?

our mission

Photler is a tool that drives travel inspiration. If you wish to show others the magical places you’ve been to or see scenic places that you should visit, Photler is the place to go to. It brings together travel enthusiasts from all over the world and aims at making your travel decisions easier by showing you how beautiful the world actually is.

The origins

the idea behind it all

My name is Piotr and I'm a travel photographer. I've visited up to date almost 100 countries. Over ten years ago, I created a personal photography website to document my travels and showcase my photos. And that was The Meaningful Moment.
Having my own professional portfolio turned out to be crucial for my future as a travel photographer. Since then, every month I publish a new gallery from a different country. World In My Lens gathered considerable recognition both from travel enthusiasts and web professionals due to its sleek design and rich photo content.
The next step for me is to offer others the same tools to share their passion. So here comes Photler.

Team effort

the creators

Photler is made at Crafton - a web agency focused on user experience. We are a team of web professionals and enthusiasts driven by the passion to build beautiful and above all user-friendly web experiences.

Photler is our take on travel photography since travel is our second-best passion. Every year on Crafton’s anniversary we go to a different travel destination. You can see some of our travel photos in the Photler directory. We hope you’ll like them.

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